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Trice Healthcare is your one-stop solution for healthcare staffing services. We are known to assist healthcare companies to meet their talent acquisition needs as we have the experience as well as the expertise to simplify the hiring and recruiting processes for you. Nothing’s better than getting the right candidate at the right time for the right position.
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“Evolve in Trust & Work with Dedication”

We understand that healthcare is a delicate department yet the strongest one and Trice Healthcare is focused on being the best healthcare staffing solution. When you think of the best medical staffing agency, only one brand would pop up providing enhanced and efficient services – Trice Healthcare.

“In A Heartbeat”

We’ve just entered an era that is truly in need of the right opportunity at the right time. Our vision with Trice is to work for you and provide you solutions “In A Heartbeat!”

“Solution before problem”

Trice is about precision in staffing. Our recruitment teams work with your organization with utmost sincerity and dexterity. We respect your work culture and abide by it. We showcase our true inclination towards Diversity, Inclusion & Equity.

How it works
Our Process

The result you need always lies in the process of hiring and recruiting. After some amount of trial and error, we learned the process right for your healthcare and streamlined it into something you would be obliged to utilize.

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Our Executive Team
Rakesh Arora
Co-founder & Managing Director

He is also the Co-founder and Managing Director of Trice Healthcare. Rakesh has more than 20 years of experience in the staffing and recruitment industry along with being a great thought leader and professional in team building.

Aseem Anand
Co-founder & CEO

He is also the CEO and Co-founder of Trice Healthcare. Aseem specializes in international businesses, start-ups, team building, strategic planning, marketing, SAAS, product development as well as hiring & recruitment to name a few.

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Having an insight into the company is one thing and understanding how it works is something on a whole new level. And to acknowledge this you need to see the function of our healthcare recruiting firm to believe it.

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