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Diversified Talent Pool

« What separates a talented individual from a successful one is a lot of hard work. » Stephen King,

Trice Workforce can link you to the country's most extensive and diverse pool of nurse staffing candidates, whether you need nurse staffing for travel nurses, per diem staff, permanent nurses, or interim nurse leaders. We also offer permanent and contract placement services for senior executives, physicians, nurses, and other healthcare providers and non-clinical positions.

Language Interpreters

« Knowledge of languages is the doorway to wisdom. » Stephen King,

Interpreters frequently serve as a cultural link between patients and medical staff, providing precise and educated language interpretation. Communication barriers can cause various issues, including aggression, care hindrance, absence of informed consent, and ignorance of the medical system, among others. Trice is a one-stop solution to solving these issues, as we know that using an interpreter shows increased patient satisfaction, decreases adverse outcomes, and improves compliance and positive results. Patients with limited English proficiency prefer professional interpreters over bilingual family members and friends.

Revenue Cycle Solution

« Revenue is vanity, profit is sanity, but cash is king. » Stephen King,

Revenue cycle management is an approach that healthcare providers can use to manage their revenue cycle's administrative and clinical functions. The revenue cycle begins when a patient contacts a medical practitioner to set up an appointment. The process is complete when all consultation and treatment transactions have been collected. Trice helps detect and resolve friction points in the provider's revenue cycle. Care providers can maximize claim reimbursements and increase revenue with proper revenue cycle management.

Medical Coding & Audits

« Given the risks of an expensive audit, paying strict attention to the rules is the only smart decision you can make. » Kathy Burlison,

Internal audits are necessary for a healthcare organization to evaluate clinical documentation, coding, and billing practices. With improved payer scrutiny and regulatory requirements, Trice can ensure revenue cycle processes run smoothly and helps to avoid inefficiencies or malpractice. An internal auditor or a medical coding and billing company specializing in the field can audit documentation and financial performance. Medical practices deal with an incredible amount of data, statistics, and claims information as documentation in health records for each care process increases. Medical coding and billing are a series of processes culminating in claim submission, denial management, and collection.

Interim Leadership

« Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality.. » Warren Bennis,

An interim leader is somebody who temporarily assumes leadership of an organization. Interim leaders, like traditional leaders, aim to establish a feasible progression of expansion for the organizations they work with. Interim leaders have a shorter duration to take on initiatives and do their job with their successors in mind, which is one of the key differences between them and traditional leaders. They frequently identify and manage various problems and probably emotions from the executive team and direct reports. Trice is ideally positioned to engage and retain exceptional employees at all levels, from managers to executives.


Nurse Staffing and Recruitment

« Caring is the essence of nursing. » Jean Watson,

Nurse staffing is vital to ensure that patients receive the treatment they require at the time they require it. When done effectively, it may significantly improve patient outcomes and satisfaction while also lowering total healthcare costs. However, some institutions continue to struggle to maintain appropriate staffing levels, which can contribute to nurse fatigue and excessive turnover.

Healthcare businesses are also facing increased competition for skilled nurses, and in order to recruit and retain nursing personnel, they must offer competitive salary and packages, flexible scheduling alternatives, and possibilities for professional advancement.


Locum Tenens and Advanced Practitioners

« Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail » Warren Bennis,

By delivering healthcare in places where there is a dearth of specialists and ensuring that patients receive continuity of treatment, locum tenens and advanced practitioners can assist to enhance patient care. The Association of American Medical Colleges predicts a shortage of up to 121,000 physicians by 2032, and locum tenens and advanced practitioners are helping to fill this gap.

Healthcare firms can adjust personnel levels as necessary with the help of locum tenens and advanced practitioners without having to pay for new hires and training expenses.

According to the Staff Care 2020 Survey, the demand for locum tenens physicians has increased by 8% over the past five years, and the demand for advanced practitioners has increased by 12%.

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