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Do you deal with a wide range of complications on a daily basis when it comes to healthcare staffing? Trice is aware of these issues and works with hospitals and other healthcare institutions to increase the value and effectiveness of technology & people.

Diversified Talent Pool

« What separates a talented individual from a successful one is a lot of hard work. » Stephen King,

Trice Workforce can link you to the country's most extensive and diverse pool of nurse staffing candidates, whether you need nurse staffing for travel nurses, per diem staff, permanent nurses, or interim nurse leaders. We also offer permanent and contract placement services for senior executives, physicians, nurses, and other healthcare providers and non-clinical positions.

Allied Health Services

« Empowering your team, enhancing care, exceeding expectations. That's the Trice Healthcare difference. » Stephen King,

We understand the important role allied health professionals play in delivering exceptional patient care. That's why we offer a comprehensive suite of services designed to optimize your operations and empower your team to thrive. Our team includes highly qualified professionals such as: Audiologist, Chiropractor, Dental hygienist, Dietitian Occupational therapist, Optometrist, Physical therapist, Physician assistant, Medical assistant etc. We possess a vast network of qualified candidates, ensuring you have access to the best talent regardless of your location.

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Talent Management

« When our people thrive, so do our clients. » Stephen King,

Our dedicated team is Trice Healthcare's greatest asset. We invest heavily in talent management to get the best in healthcare. Our program has competitive pay, great benefits, career growth, and a supportive work culture. Our talent management program includes competitive compensation, extensive benefits packages, career development opportunities, and a supportive work culture. We partner with top healthcare learning institutions to provide robust continuing education and training. This enables our team to stay updated on the latest advancements in their respective fields.

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Non Clinical Services

« Behind every smile, every recovered patient, lies the dedication of our non-clinical heroes. » Kathy Burlison,

Trice Healthcare recognizes the integral role that non-clinical staff play in ensuring healthcare facilities run smoothly and patients receive continuous care. From office managers to administrative personnel and environmental service workers, these dedicated yet often overlooked individuals enable seamless operations behind the scenes. We specialize in recruiting and placing top talent in non-clinical healthcare positions. Our team goes beyond resumes to find passionate and skilled people ready to thrive in busy healthcare settings.

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Interim Leadership

« Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality.. » Warren Bennis,

An interim leader is somebody who temporarily assumes leadership of an organization. Interim leaders, like traditional leaders, aim to establish a feasible progression of expansion for the organizations they work with. Interim leaders have a shorter duration to take on initiatives and do their job with their successors in mind, which is one of the key differences between them and traditional leaders. They frequently identify and manage various problems and probably emotions from the executive team and direct reports. Trice is ideally positioned to engage and retain exceptional employees at all levels, from managers to executives.

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Nurse Staffing and Recruitment

« Caring is the essence of nursing. » Jean Watson,

Nurse staffing is vital to ensure that patients receive the treatment they require at the time they require it. When done effectively, it may significantly improve patient outcomes and satisfaction while also lowering total healthcare costs. However, some institutions continue to struggle to maintain appropriate staffing levels, which can contribute to nurse fatigue and excessive turnover.

Healthcare businesses are also facing increased competition for skilled nurses, and in order to recruit and retain nursing personnel, they must offer competitive salary and packages, flexible scheduling alternatives, and possibilities for professional advancement.

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Locum Tenens and Advanced Practitioners

« Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail » Warren Bennis,

By delivering healthcare in places where there is a dearth of specialists and ensuring that patients receive continuity of treatment, locum tenens and advanced practitioners can assist to enhance patient care. The Association of American Medical Colleges predicts a shortage of up to 121,000 physicians by 2032, and locum tenens and advanced practitioners are helping to fill this gap.

Healthcare firms can adjust personnel levels as necessary with the help of locum tenens and advanced practitioners without having to pay for new hires and training expenses.

According to the Staff Care 2020 Survey, the demand for locum tenens physicians has increased by 8% over the past five years, and the demand for advanced practitioners has increased by 12%.

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Per Diem Services

« Your schedule, your way. Choose per-diem staffing and work when it works for you. » Jean Watson,

Trice Healthcare simplifies per-diem staffing for you. We have a network of pre-vetted, qualified professionals ready to fill your specific needs, whenever you need them. Plus, you only pay for the hours worked, making Trice a cost-effective solution for your staffing gaps

72% of hospitals face staffing shortages (AHA 2023 survey).

These issues will grow bigger overtime so it’s better to take action now. As the demand for healthcare services continues to grow, leveraging per diem staffing is likely to become even more essential. get yourself the best healthcare staffing solutions in a jiffy by collaborating with us.

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